Refusal from coffee or why arrange a week without coffee?!

Why do I arrange a week without coffee, despite the fact that I myself am a wild coffee addict?! Yes, and coffee is a very PP-shny product, if you drink it natural, without cream, full-fat milk, sugar and syrup …

But… when you start a “new life”, switch to PP, coffee can play a cruel joke on you… Let me explain…
Coffee is an additional tonic, it dulls the feeling of hunger and irritates nerve impulses. You become more agitated, and when you change your diet, refusing the usual products, you can already be nervous and irritable, plus the feeling of hunger is dulled and, drinking coffee, it seems to you that you do not want to eat so much. However, if you skip a meal in the morning, in the afternoon, or eat less than you need, by the evening you can literally be attacked by a zhor.

Therefore, as soon as you begin to adhere to the PP, giving up everything harmful, habitual, start counting calories, etc., it is also better to exclude coffee for a certain period: a week, two, three … Just like green and sulfur tea – they are also strong tonics!! It is necessary that you still receive energy not “artificially”, but from healthy

foods and a competent diet, where Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and microelements are balanced !!!

After giving up coffee, in a couple of days you will begin to perceive the taste of food differently, green apples will become so fragrant, red peppers, cherries and cranberries will become sweet!
Then desserts without sugar will seem sweet, and spices added to hot dishes will have an even more beneficial effect on your digestive system!
That’s why today I don’t have coffee in my cup, but chicory with blueberry flavor, because I’m on my way to the figure of my dreams again!!!
And instead of black or green tea, I would rather give preference to herbal preparations, rooibos tea and rosehip broth.
And in a couple of weeks, when the new mode becomes familiar, and my tastes are rebuilt and my nerves calm down, I will again be able to introduce a couple of cups of coffee and my favorite green tea into the menu!
Moreover, you connect active physical activity, and an hour before the gym, both green tea and coffee will not hurt, but rather, on the contrary, will give energy for a quality workout!