Is it possible to eat sweets and lose weight?

Yes… I can eat cakes and pastries whenever I want and still get slimmer. What’s the secret!? I invented the “bicycle”! Just kidding… I just eat according to my system, based on the public principles of PP, drink enough water and, most importantly, cook the RIGHT dishes:

For breakfast – muffins / brownies / pancakes – on oatmeal, corn flour, with cottage cheese, banana, dried fruits, nuts in coconut or melted (ghee) butter

I cook sweets for snacks, but already on apple / pumpkin puree, with berries, fruits, nuts, I try to have more protein and less carbohydrates in the composition!

And for dinner, imagine, there can again be desserts – only this time mainly from protein and fiber, from sweeteners – stevia, erythritol, carob, casein or berries and unsweetened fruits! Such desserts are usually completely without flour and min fat!

So, I am a wild sweet tooth, I was able to easily and quickly lose my extra 18 kg, without great restrictions and hungry swoons!