Why do we need diets and do we need them?!

Diet -60, Dukan, according to blood type, such and such a diet and that’s it! Without fats, without carbohydrates, dairy-free, without… How many works and books have been written… Is it necessary?!

Diet is a thing of the past. A diet is needed only in case of a disease or ailment for health, which a doctor prescribes for you !!! Well, or as a new commercial idea in order to earn money for those who are always losing weight, so new diets are born almost every day! But!!!

When you try to lose weight on any strict diet, you deprive yourself of nutrients that begin to be extracted from the fat layer. This approach does not solve the

Healthy Diet Nutrition. Beautiful Woman Eating Organic Green Vegetable Salad In Kitchen. Sexy Smiling Girl With Different Foods : Vegetables, Meats, Groats, Dairy Products On Table. High Resolution

problem of obesity, because after returning to the usual diet, the body again begins to accumulate fat. You only exhaust your psyche, entering a state of constant stress, which returns to you like a boomerang in the form of illness, irritation, and even premature aging! So, in order to lose weight, gain weight or create a relief slender body without harm to health and to prolong youth – forget about diets! Say “yes” to a balanced and proper diet, without even calculating the Kcal.

I know it 100%!
It’s really all very simple! Even a super duper is easy! Just do not expect instant results, minus 10 kg in a week – this will not happen right away. The less you need to reset, the longer the process will be! But if you embark on the path of a new, different way of life, I assure you, you will begin to receive real pleasure every day from both the results and the process itself, and most importantly, from life itself.